A fusion of voices collaborating in one safe, wide open space. The ChoG table is where we come to gather around the most challenging issues of our time. This space will be anchored in scripture, honor disparate views, and seek the common ground that unifies our movement with Jesus as the subject.

For information on the ChoG Table, email Andy Stephenson at

In conjunction with ChoG regional meetings in 2016, ChoG Tables will be on:
April 28 in Vancouver, Washington on Sexual Ethics
June 23 in Anderson, Indiana, TBD
September 29 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on Racial Unity.

The dates for the ChoG regional meetings and ChoG Tables combined are:
April 26–28, 2016—Vancouver, Washington
June 21–23, 2016—Anderson, Indiana
September 27–29, 2016—Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Registration starts November 9th, 2015. Please check back here.

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