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Change the World is a new grant-making initiative designed to inspire innovation, increase curiosity, and fund the ideas of men and women across the Movement. The Church of God has key leaders with incredible ideas. The purpose behind Change the World was to bring these ideas forward and support them with funding, in the hopes that others would be encouraged to birth their ideas for ministry.


Since being launched at the 2014 Convention, Change the World has seen a tremendous response. We have been inspired by the response from congregations and individuals around the church who are excited to change the world because Jesus is the subject!

We’re pleased to bring you this update on the application and selection process.

There were 63 applications, representing diversity geographically and in terms of congregation size. We also saw applications from congregations representing our Partners in Ministry – the National Association of the Church of God, Concilio Hispano, and the American Indian Council.

Here’s a timeline for the review of applications and selection of recipients:

September 15–October 28 All applications read and evaluated by Innovation Trustees
October 29–December 16 Semi-finalists selected and interview process implemented
December 17–January 14 Finalists selected and awards determined

Announcement of award recipients will be made January 15.

The Innovation Trustees are currently engaged in the selection process, reviewing each application thoroughly, before identifying a list of semi-finalists, from which the final recipients will be selected.

The application period for Change The World grants has ended.


Who we are

The Change the World grant-making team, formally called the Innovation Trustees, represent 10 experienced leaders from across the Church of God who have been asked to inspire innovation, increase curiosity and fund ideas culled directly from men and women of the Movement. Invited to develop a strategy to help the Church of God innovate, the Innovation Trustees have developed the Change the World Initiative.

Video: Change the World. Click to play.

Video: Change the World proposal - The Mobile Market Coalition

What we’re looking for

Change the World grants can be large or small. We want to see Church of God communities take risks to love their neighbors in the name of Jesus. Watch the video to see a sample proposal.


Ready to Change the World?

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